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Mon Aug 14: Ceasefire; Cultural Vandalism; K9 Comeback

With a ceasefire now in place between Israel and Lebanon, aid agencies can now have a chance to check claims, on both sides, of immoral, cruel or criminal behaviour. But if the rules of war have been broken, what can anyone do about it? In Lebanon two young men are determined to find out the truth about both sides. Close Up's Anita McNaught reports from the Bekaa Valley in Eastern Lebanon. Then Terence O'Brien, New Zealand's former Ambassador to the U.N, is live from Wellington to discuss the ceasefire.

Cultural Vandalism?
To many people buildings represent the heart or soul of a city - think of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and even the Beehive in Wellington. So what about Auckland? Some might say it's the Sky Tower but Alan Matson and John Radford argue it could be the Jean Batten building. It's just off Auckland's Queen Street, named after one of our most famous aviators, and under threat of demolition. As Laurna White reports, John and Matson are on a mission to save the Jean Batten building from what they believe is 'Uglification' of Auckland.

* For more information about other heritage buildings that are currently being looked at for redevelopment click here . If you want to contact Alan Matson or John Radford click here

K9 Comeback
Since 1972,  21 police dogs have been killed in the line of duty. When a dog handler loses his dog he loses his mate, protector, and partner. Two months ago Hastings police dog Edge was left fighting for his life after being knifed by a man during a call-out. A mammoth effort was made to save his life, and his recovery has amazed vets and his handler Senior Constable Dave Whyte. Now he's being tested to see if he's fit for duty, but unfortunately the road to recovery is not always a smooth one. Corinne Ambler was there to see if Edge made the grade.