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Close Up: Friday September 14

Published: 6:43PM Friday September 14, 2012 Source: Close Up

Christchurch schools reeling
Emotions are running high in rural schools being forced to shut down in Christchurch.
One of the schools in the firing line is Greenpark - a school of just 38 which serves the rural community southwest of Christchurch.
The school received minimal earthquake damage most of which has been repaired.
They told Abby Scott they fear the Government is using the earthquake as an excuse to supersize schools and get rid of small rural ones.

New Zealand's coldest town
Imagine a place that gets so cold tractors won't work because the diesel freezes, water bottles freeze at the bottom of the bed and you have to put bread in the fridge to defrost.
Ophir, in central Otago, is famously known as the coldest town in New Zealand.
But the town is coming in from the cold.
Megan Martin with this story.

Silver Scroll winner
And this year's Silver Scroll winner Lips performs live.