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Fri May 20: Schapelle Corby; McLibel; Margaret Mahy

Schapelle Corby Rumours
A Today Tonight story from Australia that talks about more rumours circulating about Schapelle Corby's past life. Plus a live interview with Derryn Hinch, the New Zealand-born Australian radio host who has created waves by saying that he believes Schapelle Corby may be guilty.

Taking on the Big Macs
For 20 years environmentalists Helen Steel and Dave Morris have battled McDonalds after they handed out a pamphlet accusing the company of unethical environmentally destructive activities. It's become known as the McLibel case Lisa Owen reports.

Margaret Mahy
Author Tessa Duder  has written a biography of legendary children's author Margaret Mahy    Jendy Harper catches up with the irrepressible Mahy.