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City Homicide


Nadine Garner as Jennifer Mapplethorpe

Detective Senior Constable Jennifer Mapplethorpe

Jennifer's attractive, skilled and close to promotion to Detective Sergeant, assuming she cracks the exam. She hates exams.

We've only just met Jennifer when she finds herself shunted out of her temporary position in Homicide and back to the tedium of Fraud - because Duncan's returned from his yellow card period in the sin-bin. Fortunately, Stanley Wolfe's a fan and he fast-tracks Jen's re-application to Homicide.

With several failed long-term relationships behind her, Jennifer's always believed that the modern woman can have it all - family and career. Now she's discovered that isn't true, at least not for her.

There's no life-partner on the horizon and Jennifer's fear is that she will one day look back over her life and view it as wasted: the 'oops, I forgot to have kids' syndrome. It scares her, so she tries to ignore it and, as a consequence, is now very much focused on her career.

Still, even in this day and age, that's a tough call: being a female in the police service is no easy thing, especially when you're in a boy's club like Homicide. So she's mastered the dry rejoinder, lets the office misogynist dig his own hole and delivers an awesome kick in the balls when necessary.

Nadine Garner

Nadine Garner was so keen to play a strong police woman with a chequered past that she relocated from London to Melbourne to take up the challenge.

Packing up her family in the UK where she's been based in recent years with her cameraman
partner and 14-month-old son, Edan, the seasoned actress is loving every second on the set of City Homicide.

"It's a really lovely assembly of people and I get on well with all the cast. They're all great people and make the job really easy," she enthuses.

The multi-talented Nadine is no stranger to the screen - in fact, she's grown up in front of the
cameras and took out her first award in 1986 as a 13-year-old when she scored a Logie for her much-loved role on The Henderson Kids. She received an AFI nomination for her leading roles in the feature film Metal Skin and the TV drama Raw FM (1997) and won an AFI for the feature film Mull (1988).

Nadine has featured in some of Australia's landmark television shows, from The Secret Life of Us to Neighbours, A Country Practice, GP, Tribe and The Flying Doctors. And she can't wait for the public to witness her latest role in Aussie TV drama.

"City Homicide provides a great chance to play a strong female character in a man's world,"
she says. "It's appealing to play someone who's very competent and who has achieved a certain amount of status in their career.

"Jennifer is a modern woman facing dilemmas about her career and personal choices. She's very much torn between sticking with her career and being married to her job or focusing on other areas of her life. From that point of view, it's quite interesting for women to watch her journey because I think there are a lot of women out there in the same predicament."

While excited to be back on the small screen, Nadine has also been keeping busy with work in film and theatre. While seven months pregnant with Edan, the remarkable Nadine starred alongside Kerry Armstrong and Barry Crocker in Razzle Dazzle.

She's also been nominated for several awards for her role in "Cabaret", and won a Green Room award and a Helpmann award in 2004.