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City Homicide


Louise Crawford as Karen Hatzic

Sergeant Karen Hatzic

Karen Hatzic is a uniformed Sergeant around the same age as Jennifer.

She's returned to Uniform as part of her progress toward becoming a Detective Sergeant. She has ambitions to join Jennifer in Homicide the elite detectives job.

Karen has straight A's: she's Attractive, Athletic and Ambitious.

Played by Louise Crawford

Since taking on her role in City Homicide, Louise Crawford has learned that it's not only women who get a kick out of seeing a man in uniform.

"Men love girls in a uniform too!" she says. Louise is busy turning heads as Karen Hatzic a uniformed police woman keen to get into the Homicide division.

"She's been in the force for a few years, but it really keen to get into homicide so she's gone back into uniform to work with them in the aim to become a detective."

"She's very ambitious. She's not intentionally malicious, but she's out to get what she wants."

Her previous roles included The Hard Word with co-star Damien Richardson and Aussie star Guy Pearce, the lead in Forget The Rules as well as stints on Breakers and Neighbours and a regular guest on Beauty And The Beast.

Louise is looking forward to learning from the stellar cast on City Homicide, as well as gaining an invaluable insight into the work of the police.

"I've never played a cop before but the more I get into Karen's character, the more I hope to understand about policing. The cast is fabulous and the dynamic is really exciting. I think when the feel of a cast is right it makes a big difference to a show so I'm really looking forward to experiencing some of that."

"Everyone is excited to be making Australian drama everyone wants it to work and we're excited to be making our story."

Louise has turned her hand to scriptwriting, penning several Home and Away and Breakers storylines in the past. She is now working on some of her own original material, but admits she's more disciplined with her acting than writing.

"Being a creative person, they kind of go hand-in-hand," she enthuses. In between acting gigs, Louise hosts trivia nights and is learning sign language.