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City Homicide


Alyce Platt as Lorraine Sparkes

Lorraine Sparkes

A very attractive woman, probably better-looking now than she's ever been in her life, Lorraine believes the 40s are the new 30s, because that's how she feels.

Unlike her husband, a Senior Sergeant at Homicide, Lorraine has long since given up on Wilton Sparkes; she knows divorce is on the cards, but is not sure when or how to proceed.

Until the time comes, she's taking her pleasure where she can find it, including nights out with girlfriends and discreetly managed affairs.

She's currently involved in an affair with a much younger man Simon Joyner.

Played by Alyce Platt

Alyce Platt is about to stir things up in City Homicide with her temptress character, Lorraine Sparkes.

As if the detectives don't have enough drama in their working lives, Lorraine is going to spice things up even more.

"It would be easy to bag her in a one-dimensional category she's a 40-year-old woman who's gone to the beautician too many times," explains Alyce.

"She's a bit preoccupied with glamour and puts a lot of effort into her appearance, which is in contrast to her husband Wilton (Marshall Napier) who is overweight."

"But she's got a great sense of life beginning at 40."

The chance for Alyce to work on a new Australian drama was one she jumped at.

With credits including the acclaimed Sons and Daughters and Neighbours, and as popular co-host on Sale of the Century, Alyce has enjoyed a varied career in the arts.

As a member of the band the Chantoozies, Alyce is also an accomplished musician and stage entertainer.

She recently finished a street performance of "Habits Of The Heart" in Melbourne, written by a young boy who used to live on the streets and produced by Port Phillip Council.

She just completed performances of her new show in Melbourne, All the Pretty Little Horses, based around her own original music and accompanied by a five-piece band, including guitarist husband Claude Carranza.

Alyce has re-teamed with her old Sale of the Century co-host Tony Barber on TV1s Cash Trivia Challenge.

"I've always been very across the board and I love the variation it suits me," she says.

"It's different being back in a series and definitely takes a while to get used to it again when you haven't done drama for a while, but I'm loving it."

Outside of work, Alyce is kept busy with her husband and three stepkids and aims to keep fit and healthy with long walks by the beach in St Kilda.