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Ep 4: Daryl's team seek revenge!

"Revenge is on the cards," proclaims Alison Brooke, as the four remaining members of her team re-group after the shock elimination of their leader, Daryl Halligan.  What was also shocking was Julie White's declaration of war when she got rid of Daryl.  "We are going to rip the guts of your team - this is war," Julie said.

Not impressed with Julie's warrior-like war challenge Suzanne Paul comments:  "I could not believe it when she said 'this is war'.  With red painted nails this is war!"

Joining Alison and Suzanne, there' also Erika Takacs and the only male left in the team,  Mark "Cocksy" Cocks.  The team decide not to pick another leader but instead will take a democratic approach when making decisions.  The foursome have high spirits and they are confident about the up-coming challenges.

Despite having less members in their team, Alison's team living quarters are much more homely and - cleaner than the other side.  In fact, Suzanne has a few words to say about the other girls cleaning antics.

"I can't believe those girls haven't done anything, they must just have people picking up after them all the time - it's just filthy," she says.

Ex-Miss New Zealand, Amber Pebbles reckons that being on the farm, is an excuse to be a slob.

"You kind of drop standards a little bit - well, that's what has sort of happened," she explains.

But this explanation is not good enough for Suzanne.

"Filthy, smelly, dirty, pigs," Suzanne describes her neighbours.

For the Last Man Standing challenge, contestants get to play a children's game with a twist - instead of musical chairs, its musical cow poo.  Contestants must walk around cow paddies to music, when the music stops, they have to sit on a  cow-paddy, the one without one, leaves the game.

When Julie White lands in the cow dung, she does not take it well.

"I've decided that I'm not an outdoorsy person and I should just get back to the city," she says.

It's a messy challenge as one-by-one contestants are picked off, until there is only two standing - Alison and Tawerau Nikau.

It's a desperate showdown.  Alison must win in order for her team to be able to avenge their captain's loss.  As the music stops, Alison dives, face first in the cow poo, winning the right to eliminate.  While Tawerau has immunity at the next elimination.

"If someone had said to me last week that you're going to be diving in cow poo - I would've said 'you've got to be kidding' - and you laugh about it, but it's actually lots of fun believe it or not," gleams Alison about her win.

Suzanne Paul reckons Ali gets her diving skills from her hubby.

"Being with Zinny for all those years, she must of picked up some tips.  She's a legend," says Suzanne.

After the challenge, host Matthew Ridge reveals a shocking twist.  Alison can eliminate two people not one at the next elimination.  This announcement pleases Alison.

"I've got the power here guys - what are you going to do for me - bring it on!"

The guys head back to camp - with Zinny greasing up to his wife - hopefully to avoid elimination.

"You think she'll send you home? asks Noah Hickey.
"Hmm, we'll see how much love she has for me," a doubtful Zinny replies.

But Noah thinks that loyalty will run deep between the married couple, as he imitates Zinny.  "Leave me in here honey - and I'll look after you , give you a nice anniversary present - whenever that is".

In the Time Traveller challenge, teams must herd colour coded sheep into respective sheep pens, the team with most of their sheep in the pen wins.  In this challenge, Zinny's competitive streak comes through.  He disrupts the other teams gameplan, and edges Noah to ram a flock of sheep into Ali.

"Ram Ali, Ram Ali," he screams

These tactics seem to work for Zinny as his team takes away a food prize.  But with an elimination looming, will Zinny's tactics prove harmful.

When it comes to elimination, Alison, with a huge smile on her face, makes her announcement - she will eliminate one girl and one boy.  In the end it's songstree Camilia and soccer player Noah that get the boot.  Noah's hunch is right - Ali does not eliminate her husband.

Now the teams are even with four members in each team.