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Christmas 2009 on TV ONE

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Saturday January 2nd at 7.30pm

Joanna Lumley, growing up as a little girl in the jungles of Malaya, had never seen snow, or even been cold. And ever since then, the idea of the North with its legends of snow queens, Vikings, remote peoples and exotic wildlife has held an infinite attraction for her. Her great dream is to see the Northern Lights.

In this film, Joanna sets out to realise her lifes ambition, heading towards the Arctic Circle and the northern tip of Scandinavia on a quest to find the essence of the North. What fires her is an ethereal
sense of the magic, myths and culture of the North. But theres also room for science, natural history and environmental concern along the way. This is family viewing, revealing the magic and beauty of some of the wonders of the world, all through the eyes of one of Britains best-loved personalities.

Joannas journeys by land and sea through the beautiful wilderness of the Scandinavian Arctic, taking in tiny fishing villages, majestic mountains, wild forests and the vast windswept stretch of the upland plateau, home to the Sami people who have herded their reindeer in the area for centuries. She is keen to meet the reclusive people who live in this harsh climate, and to find out how they survive.

For Joanna, outside her comfort zone, joining in will sometimes be a challenge the unremitting diet of fish and reindeer is tough for a vegetarian, and in this land of invigorating extremes she may need
to abandon her usual fashion principles and wear animal hide.

She is not at all sure how she will cope with the cold, but is keen to find out and approaches the question with her usual sense of humour.