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Ep 6 - Lamb Wellington with corn puree and chimmi churri

Lamb Wellington

4 portions

1 lamb rack, bones removed
40ml olive oil
180g fresh or frozen puff pastry

Corn Puree  
200g Fresh or frozen corn.  Husked, blanched
200mls cream reduction-see recipe details below
2 bay
1 large onion
Butter to sweat onions  

Mushroom Duxelle 
100g button mushroom
1 tsp truffle paste
2 shallot
2 cloves garlic
5g Rosemary and thyme
50mls white wine

Chimmi Churri  
15g mint
5g rosemary
5g thyme
5g parsley
45mls Canola oil
10mls Prelibato vinegar
10g coriander
5g Oregano
2 cloves garlic
1 shallot

Corn puree
1 finely dice the white onion and in a sauce pan cook without colour
2 Add 400mls cream and reduce heatto medium , simmer until reduced by half (cream reduction)
3 Add 200g blanched corn kernels
4 Place the mixture into a high speed blender or food processer and blitz until smooth.
5 Pass through a sieve  and season. Don't worry if it's a little thin. When reheating this will become thicker.

Chimmi churri
1 finely chop the Thyme, rosemary, mint, coriander, parsley, oregano until  combine together in a bowl
2 Finely chop garlic and shallots and cook in a frying pan without colour, then mix well with the chopped herbs. Add the vinegar then whisk in the oil slowly to incorporate. Season with salt and pepper.

Lamb Wellington
1 Season the lamb with salt and pepper
2 then in a hot frying pan pour in the olive oil sear the lamb on all sides for approximately 3 minutes. Set aside and cool in fridge for 20 minutes.

Mushroom duxelle
1 Finely chop garlic, shallots, herbs and cook in the butter on a medium heat in a frying pan for 3-4 minutes or until golden in colour
2 Add white wine and reduce until the liquid has disappeared.
3 Addthe finely chopped  mushrooms and cook ,the mushrooms will release a lot of liquid, keep cooking until all juice has evaporated. Then s eason with salt and pepper. by now you will have a nice paste, you must set this in the fridge for 20 minutes or until firm.

1 Cut the lamb into 4 even pieces, should be about 80g each
2 turn on end so the pink part is up.
3 Add a spoonful of duxelle to the top of the lamb.
4 cut your pastry into squares, enough to cover your wellingtons, approximately 10cm squared.
5 wrap the pastry around the lamb pieces grouping the pastry at the bottom so that once it is cooked the untidy join is at the bottom.
6 Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for approx. 6-10 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with the chimmi churri sauce and corn puree.