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Celebrity Treasure Island

Episode 8: Lana gets sick

The dramatic mystery illness takes its grip on Lana Coc-Kroft as she tries to battle on for her team, while the Blue team have the knives out for each other...

A new day dawns
Lana Coc-Kroft is beginning to feel ill and complains of a five-day-old coral cut on her foot that won't heal. However, she says decides to battle on, saying she feels "like a whinger".

But while the Red team rally behind Lana, all is not well in the Blue team. Joe and Aja might be nice when the other's there, but in private the two are turning on each other.
Joes confides that if it were up to her, Aja would be the team mate she would get rid of: "The Aja on the girl's side of the camp was actually somebody that I thought worked. I mean she's kind of cool& I'd hang out with her, you know. But the Aja on this side of the camp, wooooow. Wouldn't touch [her] with a 10-foot pole."
Aja, meanwhile, also has the knives out for Joe -- saying she would terminate the aspiring singer because she doesn't believe enough in herself.

The Terminator challenge
Despite Joe's lobbying to do the Terminator challenge, the Blue team decide to draw straws and Toddy is selected. The more harmonious Red team choose Maz to compete in a spear throwing competition, and he promptly loses to Toddy.

Maz redeems himself in the second round, however, in a word power test, after Toddy can't come up with a word beginning and ending with an 'e'. The tie-breaker test sees the two competitors dizzying themselves then trying to find their team mates while blindfolded.

Charlotte Dawson tries to sabotage Toddy by breaking out her best American accent.
"I managed to trick him beautifully. I put on Aja's accent and screamed for him to come over. He waddled over and I grabbed him by the hands with a big smile and said 'Sucked in, it's Charlotte'." Despite her subterfuge, the Blue team still win by six seconds making Toddy the Terminator.

Hangman challenge
The teams compete in a trip-wire course for bits of a skeleton that could win them a luxury prize, but only two manage to complete the difficult task. Toddy is thrilled he makes it through, saying he overcame some natural disadvantages: "It's good having stocky legs and everything and still being able to get through. I mean a lot of this stuff is all mental you know, if you just believe in yourself and know you can do it mentally."

The other competitor to successfully complete the course, Maz, had other natural assets with which to weave through the delicate wires: "The girls are giving me a ribbing about my legs being skinny and white like little pins, chicken legs. But those little legs did the trick today." Maz' time wins and gets the Red team the skeleton piece.

Illness takes hold
Crisis hits the Red camp, as Lana's illness starts to worsen. "It's like the world's worst hangover combined with the world's worst headache and my eyeballs are aching and my temples are aching. I've just got to lie still," Lana says.

She is forced to sit out a high-wire balancing challenge and the Red team picks Maz to go twice to replace her. The hope is that his surfing skills will prove useful, but Maz disappoints. Luckily for the Red team, Josh falls from the wire and gives them the lead and a box of food.

The elimination
Terminator Toddy agonises over his elimination choices, but eventually chooses Aja to go home from his own team. He says this is because Aja and Josh's closeness is a threat to him in future eliminations. From the Red team he sends home the ailing Lana, who blows him a kiss of thanks and limps off the island saying she is "quite keen to go now."