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Meet Alasdair

FULL: Alasdair Humberston
AGE:  19
FROM: Northamptonshire
OCCUPATION: Psychology student (on a double gap year) and Director of his own Web Design Company
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
MOTTO: 'He who dares Rodney, He who dares!'

WHY CASTAWAY: "It would be amazing to chase your breakfast around an island and wrestle with it"      

Considered by some to be cheeky, witty and not bad looking Alasdair, 19 from Northhampshire is a confident man and knows exactly what he wants - to become a Venture Capitalist and net himself millions.

Alasdair regards himself as a leader having been the deputy head boy at his public school.  He is also proud of his educational achievements, gained despite being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia at a young age.

Currently on a double gap year before starting his university degree in psychology at Edinburgh University, Alasdair is ready to give up the drinking, partying and socialising for this potentially life changing experience.

With hobbies such as cycling, fishing, kite boarding, mountain boarding, skiing and playing rugby it is fair to say that Alasdair is no stranger to the great outdoors and not afraid of an individual or team challenge. Having survived two days on a remote Scottish island with no water and no food at the tender age of 12 he is confident of surviving island life for three months.

Currently single, Alasdair believes the island will be a great place to meet women and plans to charm them with his rapping, a skill acquired during his time in a Goldie Looking Chain tribute band.

Alasdair claims to have applied for Castaway to dispel the negative opinion of British teenager and show the nation "what we're really like".

Did you know?
Alistair lives with his parents