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The Mysteries Of Laura

Series 1, Episode 3 The Mystery Of The Biker Bar 26 Jan 15 00:40:19

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Captain Mack


About Captain Mack

Captain Mack

Young children finally have their very own superhero in this vibrant new show combining exciting live action with animation.

Viewers aged three to six years will delight in Captain Mack's energetic approach to life, his kind and caring nature, his sense of humour and of course his super-fast Sky Rockets!

Captain Mack's world is truly spectacular, full of bright colours, larger-than-life characters and a generous sprinkling of CGI effects.

He is always on the lookout for danger, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

And Sunshine City is where he's going to find it, thanks to naughty characters such as Tracy Trickster, Grabby Crabby and Marty Meddler.

There are plenty of good guys too - which is just as well because even experienced superheroes like Captain Mack sometimes need a helping hand!