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NZ out in front with 100% Pure campaign

Published: 6:07AM Monday September 21, 2009 Source: ONE News

New Zealand has topped a survey rating the strength of destination brands.

The survey published by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and European Travel Commission (ETC) asked 165 National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) what countries they considered to be good at destination branding.

New Zealand topped the list for 'best' at destination branding, ahead of India, Spain, Australia, Dubai and Ireland.

Survey results show that the 100% Pure New Zealand branding was found to be consistent and credible, and along with the imagery used in the campaign, was an instantly recognisable brand.

The branding was also found to 'go beyond tourism' in successfully pulling together a number of different sectors under a unified country proposition.

"A successful brand like 100% Pure is more than just a logo and advertising. The efforts of the tourism industry to deliver quality, innovative products and to reflect the values of the brand in their own work has been critical to its success," Tourism New Zealand CEO George Hickton says.

Survey results can be found in the ETC/UNWTO Handbook on Tourism Destination Branding.