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Dangerous Christmas lights result in $25,000 fine

Published: 2:10PM Monday March 10, 2014 Source: ONE News

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A store selling Christmas decorations has been found guilty for the second time of selling dangerous lights.

The lights sold by Evergreen Christmas were of very poor construction, lacked basic protection from contact with live parts and were flimsy enough to easily pull apart, Energy Safety said.

"They present a significant fire and electric shock," compliance officer Richard Lamb said.

"Unsafe lights that run off mains power like these are a serious concern because of the way we use them - wrapped around trees, on furniture at home and in our workplaces. They are attractive to children and pets," Mr Lamb said.

Evergreen Christmas has been fined $25,500 in the Hamilton District Court for selling dangerous Christmas lights from its store operating in the Hamilton Central Shopping Centre.

The store has previously been prosecuted by Energy Safety for similar offending operating out of its Auckland's Botany Town Centre store in 2009.

"It is very disappointing that action has had to be taken against Evergreen Christmas for a second time," Mr Lamb said.

Energy Safety is urging people to take care when buying decorative lights that run on mains power - particularly products purchased online.

"People should check that these products meet acceptable safety standards before they buy," said Mr Lamb.

Information about decorative lights and purchasing electrical items online is available on the Energy Safety website