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Burying Brian

Meet Gerri (Rebecca Hobbs)

Hard-working, hard-playing advertising executive Gerri (Rebecca Hobbs) is determinedly single, great fun and full of dirty tales of her one-night stands.

She revels in her role as godmother to Jodie's daughter Kendall (Ruby Love), and lately she's started to worry that there may be more to life than the heady world of advertising spin and affairs with married men.

She's highly organised, and totally unflappable, just the kind of girl you'd want around when you're trying to convince the world your husband has run away and left you...

Rebecca Hobbs as Geri

Rebecca Hobbs is both a trained actor and lawyer, who is currently working and living in London. 

She has appeared in productions such as Mercy Peak, Shortland Street, Water Rats, and Siam Sunset.

"The single most enjoyable thing about Burying Brian was the girls!" says Hobbs. "Everyone in the cast and crew were fantastic, but the four of us really bonded.

"Julie (Christie) had us over to her house for drinks before we started shooting, we drank champagne till the early hours and told each other our secrets - that cemented it for all of us."