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Burying Brian

Interview with Jodie Dorday

What drove actress Jodie Dorday to take a role as a potential murderer? Jodie divulges the motivations behind playing Brian's wife, Jodie Welch.

What appealed to you about your Burying Brian role - why did you want to take this job, playing this character?  

We had the same name... no, seriously -  the chance to play a lead character role was really appealing - and I think you have to have empathy with a character to be able to play them, regardless of whether they are good or bad - which I felt with the Jodie character.

That struggle to put on a brave face, especially in front of the kids, when everything is crashing down around you! 

I'm a hopeless liar also, so rather thrilling to be caught up in that web of lies that Jodie and her friends find themselves spinning to try and stay on top of everything - not particularly successfully! 

The chance to throw large objects (really badly) at lovely Shane was incredibly tempting! 

And of course the chance to be back in my home town, doing what I love doing was just too hard to resist&

What was the single-most enjoyable thing about working on Burying Brian?

Working with a great bunch of gals - the other three lead ladies - we made a pact early on that we'd enjoy every minute of filming and we did! 

There was also many fun nights mainly at Bec Hobbs' house, reading lines and preparing for the next day, drinking wine and eating good ol' Bluebird chips (can't get these in Aussie)... oh God,  they're good!

We were all equally committed to giving it our best, so it was a great experience.

What was the most challenging thing about working on Burying Brian? 

My character's workload was pretty heavy going - so just getting the old brain muscle up to speed again to learn lines quickly was a priority.

When you first start on set it's like a wheel that's stuck in mud!  But by the end of filming 10 weeks later, it's incredible how quickly you can retain information. - just goes to show that you need to keep your brain stimulated in order to keep it fit!