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Bullied To Death: The Tragedy Of Phoebe Prince


About Bullied To Death: The Tragedy Of Phoebe Prince

Examine the case of a teenage girl who took her own life, and the subsequent reaction in America. Fifteen-year-old Phoebe Prince moved with her family from County Clare, Ireland, to America in September 2009. But on January 14th 2010, after months of bullying at the hands of school classmates, Phoebe was found hanging in her new home.

Phoebe Princes suicide caused widespread grief, anger and changes in the law. Her suicide also led to the biggest bullying case in American history where the group known as The untouchable mean girls has since been indicted on charges ranging from statutory rape to civil rights violations and stalking.

This documentary examines the continuous harassment that led to Phoebe Princes death, and the authorities who stood by as she was harassed.