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Two cast members are leaving Brothers and Sisters
Sadly, it has been confirmed that Rob Lowe and Emily Van Camp are leaving the show. Rob won't return after the end of this season, and Emily will be on the show for a reported two or three episodes next season, but will leave after that. Emily feels that "Rebecca has run her course" on the show, and is leaving to pursue new challenges. It had been rumoured that Rob had been wanting to leave the show for quite some time and asked the writers to write his character, Robert, out of the show.

Rob Lowe to write tell-all book
According to, Rob Lowe is set to write his own memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, through Henry Holt and Co. in May 2011. The 46-year-old's book - which the publisher says will be written by Rob himself, not a ghostwriter - is being described as a "mid-career meditation on his four decades as an actor," including his childhood in Ohio, the mid-seventies in Malibu, his time as a teen idol, his post-West Wing resurgence and his experiences as a father and husband.

VanCamp to star in made-for-tv movie
Brothers and Sisters co-star Emily VanCamp has been tapped to star in Let Them Shine, the upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame telepic.
It will centre on a young, inexperienced teacher who overcomes impossible odds to make a difference in the lives of homeless students.

Calista Flockhart has got married!
After being together for eight years, and being engaged since Valentine's Day 2009, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart finally got married on June 15 in Sante Fe, New Mexico with Governor Bill Richardson performing the ceremony in the governor's mansion. Congrats to the happy couple!

Will the next season of Brothers and Sisters be the last?
According to The next season of Brothers and Sisters is only going to be 18 episodes - shorter than a series' typical 22-episode order. Will that be it for the Walkers? Rachel Griffiths, who plays Sarah, isn't exactly sure herself, saying, "In my negotiation, I asked, 'does 18 mean it's the last season?' I would love to know. I feel like this is the last season, but I don't know for sure."

The character who learns they have contracted HIV is...
Saul. The final episode of the season has screened in the US, and it's been revealed that Saul is HIV positive. He decides to go for a test after discovering that a secret gay lover he had when he was younger tested positive for the disease. Initially he tells the rest of the Walkers that he tested negative, but it soon becomes apparent that that is not the case.

Who did Rob Lowe teach how to play tennis?
Tens of thousands of adoring fans wont be the only ones that miss Rob Lowe when his time as Senator Robert McCallister on Brothers and Sisters comes to an end this season.

Lowe is leaving the series at the end of the season, but his co-star Gilles Marini, who plays Luc Laurent on the show, told On The Red Carpet's Rachel Smith that Rob's presence and talent will really be missed on set.

"He taught me tennis. I never played tennis, he taught me tennis. Rob Lowe taught me tennis," said Marini. "Ten years ago, I would never have believed it. But he did."

Brothers and Sisters is going to skip forward?
All that wine-guzzling is finally catching up to Brothers and Sisters' Walker clan: The entire family is about to lose a year of their lives! As revealed in Ask Ausiello this week, the ABC drama will likely flash-forward 12 whole months between this season's finale and next season's premiere.

Robert to be killed off?
It's no secret that Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers and Sisters, but according to various reports, his character, Robert, may be set to suffer a dramatic death! Apparently Rob Lowe has asked the writers to kill off his character, so that there's no chance of him returning, but time will tell if they listen to him, or if they leave a door open for him to return at some point. Let the rumours continue!

Brothers and Sisters honoured by GLAAD
According to things are just getting better and better for Brothers and Sisters. There's going to be more Gilles Marini, they've been renewed for another season, and now it's been recognised by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation awards.

Last night, GLAAD honoured a number of individuals and series for their annual media awards night in New York.  Brothers and Sisters was named Best Drama for the year, which of course made the producers glad they stuck with it!

Brothers and Sisters has been renewed for a 5th season!
According to Brothers and Sisters has been given a fifth season pickup. Pop the cork! Let the merlot and pinot grigio flow, the Walkers and Ojai Foods are going to continue on for another year of whining and wining.

The pickup is not particularly surprising, but in light of the recent news that Rob Lowe is exiting the show - reportedly for a part on 'Parks and Recreation' - and the fact that Calista Flockhart will be cutting back on her episode commitment, it's great news.

Brothers And Sisters star Dave Annable and Odette Yustman Are Engaged
Dave Annable (who plays Justin on the show) and his adorable girlfriend (now-fiancee) of eighteen months, actress Odette Yustman are engaged.

Odette, the 24-year-old star of The Unborn and the short-lived October Road reportedly said "Yes!" to Dave when he proposed in Santa Barbara last week. Congratulations to them!

Jonas Brother to join Brothers and Sisters?
Did you ever think to yourself: Joe Jonas bears an uncanny resemblance to Balthazar Getty? No? Well, apparently, the producers over at Brothers and Sisters have, according to EOnline because, although there's no official word yet from ABC, inside sources report that Joe Jonas will be playing a younger version of Balthazar's character, Tommy, in a two-episode flashback arc that focuses on the history of the Walker family.  *UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts, Joe Jonas has had to pull out of Brothers and Sisters and Cody Longo will take his place.

So who else has been cast as the other Walkers? Well, you'll never guess who Rachel Leigh Cook is in contention to play...a young Nora Walker, aka Sally Field.

Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers And Sisters
The actor will leave the show at the end of the current season, his publicist confirmed.

Rob - who has appeared in the drama for four seasons - plays Senator Robert McCallister, who is married to Calista Flockhart's character, Kitty.

The departure was first reported by the blog Deadline Hollywood, which quoted ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson saying that the network was in talks with Lowe for his own show.

Sally's going to the stage
If all her tear-jerking moments on Brothers and Sisters aren't enough for you, veteran actress Sally Field has another project in store. It may not bring the Walkers to the stage, but it will certain tug on those heartstrings.

Broadway World reports that Field will be joining a number of acclaimed stage actors in the upcoming production called Hearts on Fire, created and directed by Robert Egan with Michael Morris.

New face on Brothers and Sisters
Gilles Marini will return to the small screen after his gig on the US version of Dancing with the Stars and will play the love interest of one of the Walkers in the new season of Brothers and Sisters.

Calista to adopt?
According to reports on, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford are set to adopt a girl, though neither star has acknowledged the rumours.

If the news is to be believed, the new arrival will be sibling to Flockhart's eight-year-old son Liam. Ford has four children.

Ford recently confirmed rumours that he had Flockhart are set to wed after seven odd years together.

Rob vs. Ricky
British comedian Ricky Gervais took aim at Brothers and Sisters star Rob Lowe on the set of This Side of the Truth recently.

When Lowe won an argument on set, Gervais turned nasty and shot the 80's heartthrob in the face with a gun.... as you do.

As reported on, Lowe said, "I had such fun giving him hell. It was merciless. He had these amazing dart guns. We were running around just for fun and that was the only way he could get me back. He had to resort to physical violence because he couldn't take me on verbally. Only physically."

Here comes the bride
Word has it Brothers and Sisters star Calista Flockhart is set to wed long-time boyfriend Harrison Ford in upcoming weeks. The two have been together for seven and a half years.

No word yet on whether Flockhart intends to wear Princess Leia's signature white gown.

Too tanned for TV?
Actor Rob Lowe has been ordered to stay in the shade - the bosses behind Brothers and Sisters say the 44-year-old is too tanned.

Lowe plays Senator Robert McCallister in Brothers and Sisters. The actor lives in sunny California and blames his bronzed complexion on his outdoor lifestyle.

As reported on, Lowe said, "I got a phone call from the president of ABC who said, 'You're getting too dark. Seriously, stay out of the sun.' I go, 'I'm not tanning. I'm active. I surf and I kayak.'"

Lowe has laid the blame firmly on his fair-skinned on-screen wife, Calista Flockart.

"If you stand next to Calista Flockhart, anybody's going to look like (singer) Harry Belafonte. I wear (sunscreen) over my entire face and a hat that has a chin strap. I look like the biggest idiot."

Calista's Star Wars secret
In other breaking Brothers and Sisters news, Calista Flockhart has spilled a secret: she's never seen Star Wars.

It's shocking news given Flockhart's main squeeze, Harrison Ford, played none other than Han Solo himself. 

As reported on, Flockhart said, "I was never starstruck (by him). I have not seen Star Wars, isn't that amazing... I'm sure it is (good). It's weird that I haven't seen it. We lived in a small town and the movie theatre was an hour away. And I was 12 - the perfect age to see it."