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Wednesday September 27

This morning on Breakfast Paul Henry spoke with political commentator Matthew Hooton about the implications for the National party after the caucus voted to suspend Brian Connell and the likely future of the rebel MP.

Paul Henry spoke to the Director of the Internet Service Providers Association about a Commerce Commission investigation into the newly released Xtra broadband deals that offers faster broadband speeds to residential customers at a lesser price than it is charging wholesale.

Pippa Wetzell spoke with Post Primary Teachers Association President Debbie Te Whaiti about the major issues being discussed at their annual conference. It includes concerns about student behaviour towards teachers, controlling class sizes, problems with the organisation of NCEA and the cost of study for teachers. Te Whaiti says these factors are major deterrents to entry for prospective teachers of the future. 

Many New Zealanders have been making the most of a recent bout of spring sun, but a melanoma surgeon says the sunsafe message still isn't getting through.  Despite a lack of sunchine over winter, melanoma rates have risen 24 percent and New Zealand still has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world.  Pippa Wetzell spoke to Professor Jim Shaw about the sun statistics on Breakfast this morning. 

Media commentators Deborah Hill Cone and Russell Brown discussed the reporting of allegations over politicians' private lives. The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll suggests the answer is no.       

Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver spoke to Pippa Wetzell about the Cook Islands' snap election.

This week the Arthritis Foundation's is holding their annual appeal, and today on Breakfast, popular cricket umpire Billy Bowden talked to Paul Henry about his experiences living with the crippling disease. To find out more about the Arthritis Foundation, or to make a donation, go to .

Don Matheson is the deputy director general of public health at the Ministry of Health. He spoke to Paul Henry about a new report comparing New Zealand's avoidable mortality rates, with those of Australia's. The report can be found at:

Breakfast spoke to Author Jack Lasenby about his new book 'When Mum went Funny'.