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Wednesday November 10

Today representatives of the tiny Pacific nation of Tokelau will discuss their nation's future relationship with the New Zealand government. Tokelau is administed by New Zealand but the United Nations has suggested that the current relationship should change.

Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan believes more attention needs to be paid to the 55 - 70 year age group, which is often referred to as the 3rd age or semi retired and suggests that period of life should have a new name.

This morning on Breakfast Ali spoke to Carol Gibb Executive Officer of the NZ Dietetic Association and Lynn Glanders a dietician from Auckland City Hospital about the role of useful carbohydrates in New Zealanders diets and the negative health effects of fad-dieting.

In our regional update this week, Waikato Times editor Bryce Johns spoke to Paul about what's making headlines in the Waikato area. This week it seems Transpower has upset many locals opposed to its plan to erect massive new pylons on their properties.

Ali spoke to Weijun Collins today, author of Desert Rose - a personal account of growing up in China under Mao rule.  Weijung was born into an affluent Chinese family, who were persecuted when Mao took over. Weijung was exiled to the Gobi Desert where she lived along side others in caves.

Wine expert Oz Clarke chatted to Paul this morning about our local wine industry.