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Wednesday August 17

The Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a report for the government on options for responding to an international oil crisis.  Breakfast spoke to the AA's George Fairbairn and Federated Farmers' President Charlie Pedersen about the options including voluntary petrol reduction measures and, at the extreme end, carless days.  The report is required by the International Energy Agency which wants all governments to have a plan on how to respond to such a crisis. To view the discussion document go to

Kay Gregory talked to Harvie Ferguson, the skipper of a game fishing boat that caught a 2.8 metre shark near Atchin Is, off Vanuatu's main island, Malekula.  Mr Ferguson and his friends caught the shark after agreeing to help concerned villagers who were worried about attacks on swimmers in the bay from sharks.

The Stardome Observatory has been fielding an increasing number of calls about rumours that Mars will be particularly close to earth and will appear as big as a full moon in the sky, but it says that's a hoax and although it is true the two planets will be especially close in November, Mars certainly won't appear that large. Breakfast spoke to Kate McKinney the Education Manager at the Stardome Observatory for the real story.

This morning in Breakfast's regular discussion on media matters, Wendyl Nissen and Jim Tully talked about the media treatment of the passing of Former Prime Minister David Lange.

This morning on Breakfast Professor Frances Hughes discussed the University of Auckland study into 'stalking.' It will involve surveying students at The University of Auckland and explore the characteristics of young adult victims and perpetrators.

One News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver spoke to Kay Gregory about the public service strike in Tonga which is now into its fourth week. The strike over low pay levels has brought the country to a virtual standstill.

A trio of political party presidents, joined Paul Henry for a discussion on the behind-the-scenes action leading up to an election. He spoke to Labour Party President Mike Williams, Judith Kirk, National Party President and Doug Woolerton from NZ First.