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Wednesday April 19

Paul Henry spoke to Murray Pfeifer from the College of Surgeons about the number of people on waiting lists being rejected for surgery.

Breakfast spoke with the Police Commissioner in the Solomon Islands after eight officers were injured in a protest in the capital Honiara.  The protest was against the selection of political insider Snider Rani as the new Prime Minister.

Boys' education expert Joseph Driessen looks at why boys are lagging behind girls in so many statistics.  He'll be speaking at the three day Educating Boys conference at Massey University which starts today.

This morning on Breakfast Paul Henry spoke to Author Craig Marriner about his new book 'Southern Style'.

This morning on the Breakfast programme media commentators Wayne Hope and Irene Gardiner discussed the future of Digital Television in this country. 

Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver spoke to Kay Gregory about the AIDS epidemic in Papua New Guinea.  The country has an estimated 65,000 cases of the disease.

Breakfast spoke to UV Scientist Richard McKenzie about a conference on in Dunedin looking at UV Radiation and it's effects.

Breakfast discussed the issue of child-freedom with John Cowan from Parents Inc, Education Psychologist Fiona Ayers and Senior Constable Adele White from the Howick Police Station. The panel talked about the impact of raising a generation of molly-coddled kids and a child's place in a fast changing society.