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Tuesday September 26

National leader Don Brash has issued a statement saying he will talk to his caucus today that National wants nothing to do with anybody who tries to influence the political process in an underhand way - and that includes the Exclusive Brethren.  This morning on Breakfast Paul Henry spoke to Don Brash about his stance on the religious sect.

Paul Henry spoke to President of the NZ Institute of Professional Investigators about its view regarding the ethical actions of private investigator and institute member Wayne Idour.

Pippa Wetzell spoke to United Future MP Gordon Copeland about a meeting held last night by The Prostitution Working Group.  The working group was formed to review issues that have arisen since the Prostitution Reform Act was brought into effect. The working group is comprised of Gordon Copeland, Labour MP Marion Hobbs, former United Future MP Larry Bladock and senior officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Internal Affairs.

Paul Henry spoke to the latest contestant to be voted off New Zealand Idol, 29 year-old Toni Baird.

Music reviewer Francesca Rudkin spoke to Pippa Wetzell about Tony Bennett's 80th celebration album.

Turuki Healthcare CEO Syd Jackson talked to Paul Hnery about the new Family Start Programme getting underway in Mangere, and his hopes for the South Auckland community.

Breakfast spoke to the Consumer's Institute's David Russell about the growing push overseas to buy locally made food. This trend could put our export market in jeopardy.

Paul Henry spoke to internationally aclaimed New Zealand composer John psathas, who's best known for creating the key ceremonial music for the Athens Olympics. He has just released his latest album. 'View from Olympus' is a huge project and features the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra along with three world famous soloists.

Pippa Wetzell spoke to actress Madeline Sami and director Ben Crowder about this year's performance of 'Bad Jelly the Witch'. The popular kids show is being performed at the Civic's Wintergraden.