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Tuesday April 8 2008

China Free Trade deal 101
Breakfast weighed up the good and bad points of our free trade agreement with China with Export New Zealand CEO Bob Walters.

Tim Wilson from New York
US Correspondent Tim Wilson spoke to Breakfast about another blow to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, the latest report card on the war in Iraq and the optimum duration for lovemaking according to sex therapists.

Crisis looming for GPs
Susan Turner CEO Harbour Health explains why the nation's focus should not just be on the hospital doctor shortage but also GPs and the primary health care organisations.

Controlling Asthma
Breakfast spoke to physiotherapist Tania Clifton-Smith about how good breathing techniques can help control asthma.

Francesca Rudkin Music review
Francesca Rudkin reviewed Gnarls Barkley's The Odd Couple.

The low down on Freeview
PC World's Scott Bartley explained all the fuss about Freeview, and previewed its upcoming upgrade to high-definition (HD).

Gardening Guru
Breakfast's Gardening Guru Jamie Gardner gave us tips to get your camellias flowering this season.