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Thursday October 12

This morning on Breakfast Paul Henry spoke to political commentators Chris Trotter and Matthew Hooton ahead of the Auditor Generals report into election spending to be released today and the ramifications of an $11.5billion Government surplus on the Labour Party's tax cut policies. 

This morning on Breakfast film reviewer Francesca Rudkin spoke to Paul Henry about Nacho Libre, from the director of Napolean Dynamite.

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory spoke with international climate change expert Professor Michael Grubb about an Intergovernmental panel on climate change.  Professor Michael Grubb is one of 180 experts here to work on a report on options for reducing global emissions from energy production, transport, agriculture, industry and other sources. New Zealand Climate Change Minister David Parker will outline the likely impacts of climate change on New Zealand and the how the government is responding this evening.

This morning Kay Gregory spoke to Helen Mawn of the Breast Cancer Foundation, as part of Breast Cancer Month.

Breakfast spoke to producer Steven O'Meagher and actor Lois Lawn about the film "Out of the Blue" which opens to the public today. The film deals with the massacre at Aramoana in 1990 in which 14 people died.

Simon Rofe is the President of the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA). Catherine Ordway is the Group Director - Enforcement at the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. They are both in the country to attend the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association Conference, and appeared on Breakfast to discuss the problem of athletes using drugs to cheat. You can find out more at

Visiting British psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple talked to Paul Henry about his views on crime and how to combat it.