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Thursday November 15, 2007

On the November 15 programme...

Legal issues around leaked raid evidence
Secret evidence police wanted to use under the Terrorism Suppression Act is now in the public domain. Breakfast weighed up the issues of freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial for the 17 people still facing charges under the arms act with our Media Commentator Irene Gardiner and Graeme Newell from the Criminal Bar Association.

Setchell inquiry findings
Bill Hodge Associate Professor of Law from Auckland University was on Breakfast to talk about findings from the inquiry into Madeleine Setchell's employment with the Environment Ministry.

Politically incorrect parenting
Breakfast spoke to clinical psychologist Nigel Latta about the value of politically incorrect parenting!

Political young guns
A view on the latest goings-on in parliament from beyond the front benches with Paula Bennett and Darren Hughes.

Movie review
Breakfast's movie reviewer Francesca Rudkin reviewed Elizabeth: The Golden Age. She gave it a three out of five stars.

Fashion tips
Breakfast spoke to style guru Paula Ryan about the three secrets to dressing well that can make over both men and women in minutes.