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Thursday November 11

Colonel David Russell spoke about the events surrounding the entombment of the unknown warrior.

Larry Boyle from the RSA spoke live from Wellington this morning and former cabinet minister Roger McClay - who's Great Uncle died in combat during the First World War - outlined the significane and events surrounding the return of the unknown warrior.

Paul spoke to Prunella Scales on this mornings show. Prunella Scales is best known for her role in Faulty Towers. She is in New Zealand to play  Queen Victoria, in ' An Evening With Queen Victoria" An Evening With Queen Victoria explores the fascinating life of one of history's most extraordinary figures, and Prunella Scales brings the great Queen uncannily to life from girlhood to old age.  For more information on the production see:

This morning on Breakfast Francesca Rudkin reviewed 'The Football Factory' a story that highlights the violence in British football culture.

Health correspondent Loreli Mason discussed infection rates in our hospitals and prescription drugs in this country.

Paul Henry spoke to composer Jack Body and ta moko artist Derek Lardelli, two of the winners from this year's Arts Foundation Laureate Awards. The other winners were film maker Barry Barclay, visual artist/writer John Pule and glass sculptor Ann Robinson. Website

Touring Irish band the Chieftains played live on Breakfast this morning. For information contact