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Thursday May 27

Roy Hemmingway, Electricity Commission Chairman discusses the electricity grid problems in South Island that may lead to electricity supply problems at peak times.

Gordon Sutherland, General Manager of Christchurch company AW Fraser that makes bronze and metal castings, spoke to Alison Mau about the problems his business would face if it had to cope with power cuts.

Alison Mau spoke to Margaret Thorpe, a family friend of Vanuatu mother Juli Mandan who brought her twins to New Zealand for heart surgery, about the death of Karen Mandan.  While doctors operated on her sister Margaret, a decision was made not to operate on Karen because after-care couldn't be guaranteed in Vanuatu. Donations are still being taken to cover the cost of treatment the twins received in NZ and can be made at any Westpac branch to the Operation Vanuatu Charitable Trust Treatment account or an automatic $10 donation can be made by phoning 0900 HEART.

Psychologist Sara Chatwin spoke to Ali this morning about the Readers Digest Most Trusted Profession survey, explaining issues of public trust and perception.

Larry Graham, the newly appointed Chief Executive of New Zealand Golf talks about his new position and his vision for the future of golf.

Peter Webb Galleries is showing a contemporary New Zealand sculpture exhibition. Peter Webb discussed the exhibition this morning and talked about the upsurge of interest in local art.   He opened his Auckland gallery in 1955. 'Project 04' contains 20 pieces of work by New Zealand's leading sculptors and it runs from May 27 to June 9.

Francesca reviewed the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's the latest offering from the acclaimed but bizarre screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. It stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as former lovers who use science to erase the memory of each other from their brains - to ill-effect.

Alison Mau spoke to Sergeant Lasika about the last deployment of New Zealand troops going to the Solomon Islands as part of Operation Rata to help the Solomon government restore law and order.

Lorelei Mason -  the government delivered on one budget promise yesterday .. to help fund extra orthopaedic operations ...building up over the next three years to fund twice as many hip and knee replacements as now ...over nine thousand operations a year by 2006. But while arthritis patients and orthopaedic surgeons may be happier .. others will be looking closely at today's budget ..they too want a bigger slice of the health pie. Joining me is Lorelei.

This morning's panel discussion pre-empted this afternoon's budget. In the Auckland studio was Marilyn McLachlan, who has been brought to the public's attention after writing a letter to Helen Clark about the economic challenges of raising a family on a single income. With her was Dr Susan St John a senior lecturer in economics at Auckland University and an advocate for the Child Poverty Action Coalition. In Wellington was Roger Kerr the chief executive of the Business Round Table and Kevin Hackwell from the Royal Society for the Protection of Forest and Bird.