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Thursday March 9

There may finally be a solution on the cards for Wellington's traffic woes - the solution to gridlock on the main route in and out of the capital is closer after the results of one of the biggest public consultations has just been released and it shows transmission gully as the favoured option. 

A campaign has been launched to try and get hospital workers better pay, and have them under a collective agreement that will give them more bargaining power and better unity. They've started stop work meetings and will be holding them in every hospital around the country over the next wee while but if DHB's and the Govt don't listen they may step up the campaign. 

Reporter Tristram Clayton spoke to Helen and John Taylor about their attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for Fuel Economy by driving around the world in 40 tanks of petrol or less. Website:

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory spoke to Francesca Rudkin about the political thriller 'Syriana'.  The film about the global oil industry stars George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Breakfast spoke to Marlene Post, president of Hadassah in New Zealand.

A Chch solicitor was found guilty yesterday of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from an elderly client.  He did so by abusing the "power of attorney" agreement he had with the old man.  Currently there is no regulation over such agreements, it can be as simple as each party signing a scrap of paper saying "this person has the right to handle all my financial affairs.".  The Minister for Senior Citizens has just drawn up a discussion document for a bill on how to better manage this, it's with the office of Senior Citizens and soon will be released for discussion and debate.

Breakfast spoke to gardening enthusiast Maggie Barry, Dave Pattemore from Forest and Bird and Chris Hall from the Kings Plant Barn about an Auckland Regional Council proposal to ban six exotic plants including palm trees and agapanthus.