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Thursday July 7

Breakfast spoke with the Principal of Whangarei Girls High about their decision to close the schools because of fears of floods and slips brought on by heavy rain.

Breakfast spoke to International Relations Expert from Otago University , Robert Patman about the G8 summit - and is it any different from the summit which occurs every year.  Also spoke with Energy expert from Massey Ralph Sims.

This morning on the Breakfast Political Scientist Jon Johannson discussed the skill set and leadership styles of the leaders of our various political parties.

Breakfast was invaded by Irish Lions supporters this morning - namely Ms Doyle from Father Ted, and Hector Ó'hEochagáin - a well known Irish TV star.. who are here to shoot a comical documentary about the Lions tour of New Zealand.

Francesca Rudkin reviewed 'Double Dare' - a documentary about New Zealand stunt woman Zoe Bell, showing in this years International Film Festival - opening Friday July 8th.

Health Correspondent , LoreleiMason gave an update this morning on Meningococcal vaccines.. and the Influence B Hong Kong Flu virus.

And finally this morning on the Breakfast Programme, Michele A'Court, Wendyl Nissen and Charles Crothers discussed the recently highlighted gender imbalance between men and women in this country.