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Thursday December 15

Breakfast spoke to Karen Skinner from the Bankers Unions FINSEC about action being taken by some bank staff in protest at what they call unethical selling of bank products. Also spoke to Henry Ford from Westpac.

Breakfast spoke to Neil Crawford from Akld company Crawford Souvenirs about the ruling that meant the Rugby Union couldn't exclusively use the silver fern label.

In this morning's film review Francesca Rudkin looked at the latest movie blockbuster 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  The film, directed by Kiwi Andrew Adamson, premiered in London and has recently opened here for the school holidays.

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory spoke to the Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Auckland, James Sneyd, about using maths in the 'real world'.  Professor Sneyd explained how mathematics can be applied to biology to explain things like why the heart beats, why leopards have spots and zebras have stripes and the causes of asthma.  Sneyd also discussed concern over falling numbers of mathematics students nationwide.  A public lecture will be held ont he topic this evening titled 'Mathematics may be the Queen, but Biology is her intimate friend' at Lecture Theatre PLT1, Building 303, Science Centre, 38 Princes Street.  The lecture is free and open to the public.

Health Correspondent Lorelei Mason about a series of advertisements on television about tips for keeping your family safe if a pandemic does reach here.  The ads promote hand hygiene and stockign up on food supplies.

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory hosted a panel discussion on moving the Christmas holidays.  Michael Barnett of the Chamber of Commerce, Graeme Osborne of Tourism Auckland and registered psychologist and former teacher, Fiona Ayers shared their thoughts on moving the holidays to late January / early February when the weather is warmer.