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Thursday August 23. 2007

On the August 23 programme...

Cellphones and prisons

National Party Law and Order spokesman Simon Power described why he believes the government chose yesterday as the day to announce the details of its plan to block prisoner's cellphone calls.

Young guns
Paul Henry interviews two of parliament's young guns, Darren Hughes from Labour and Paula Bennett from National about the past week in politics.

Film review 
Francesca Rudkin reviewed Matt Damon's new film The Bourne Ultimatium.

Domestic flight market
Forsyth Barr aviation analyst Rob Mercer discussed the challenges facing Virgin Blue's newly announced attempt to enter New Zealand's domestic market.

Health news
ONE News health correspondent Lorelei Mason discusses the latest health stories - Narrowing health gap between rich and poor, more doctors, cancer report and growing old gracefully.

Annabel Fay
Musician Annabel Fay performed and talked about her newly released debut album, Strong.