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Monday May 2

Breakfast spoke Detective Sergeant Andy King of Avondale police about a spat of robberies that culminated last week in three robberies in one day. There are concerns as the culprit is becoming more and more agitated and presented a gun  one of the robberies. Also spoke to Finsec's Andrew Casidy about what the Bank's union is doing.

Breakfast spoke to the Prime Minister about the defamation case that is to be filed against her by former top cop Peter Doone, John Tamihere back in the house this week  and announcement today that there will be an  injection of cash into defence.

Junion Chamber International (JCI) or Jaycees as it used to be known, was once as well known as the likes of Rotary or Lions, but in the last 20 years has seen the membership dwindle.  However the NZ branch of the organisation, which fosters leadership and young entrepreneurs is attempting a revival.  Breakfast spoke to Kevin Cullinane, the World President of JCI who is in New Zealand briefly to help lift the organisation's local profile.

Paul Brislen writes for Computerworld magazine. He's also a regular on the Breakfast show. This morning he spoke about Personal Video Recorders.

Comedian Stewart Lee entertained Breakfast this morning with tales of how he came to co-write the stage show Jerry Springer The Opera, and the inspiration for his new comedy act.  For more information see or

Alana Eli -  Tahiti Sales & Marketing New Zealand Pearl Resorts discussed Tahiti as a travel destination with Kay this morning on the Breakfast Programme.