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Monday December 13

We spoke to Margaret Mutu from Ngati Kahu about a group of Maori blocking access onto a popular camping site in Northland Matai Bay.

Breakfast spoke to political commentators Chris Trotter and Colin James about the government's lead over National in the latest poll.

Resident wit James McOnie shared his thoughts on the smoking ban in restaurants and pubs and the release of Ahmed Zaoui.

Breakfast spoke to the Prime Minister about the government's twelve point lead over National in the latest Colmar Brunton Poll. She also discussed the upcoming cabinet reshuffle.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme - Paul Reynolds spoke about the dark-side of the internet and how worries over the content of internet chatrooms can be addressed by parents.
Breakfast spoke to Auckland University Ancient History students Tasha Dobbin and Julia Hsieh about their upcoming trip to Egypt, where they will be searching for sites suitable for future archaeological exploration.
Peter Gibbs from House of Travel spoke to Breakfast about his recent trip to Namibia, Africa. Peter travelled with a group of twelve on an upmarket ten day camping safari. For more information contact