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Monday August 8

Last night's One News Colmar Brunton poll has cemented Labour's lead in the polls up 6 to 45% support, with National done 1 to 41, NZ First down 2 to 5, the Greens down 3 to 3, Act up 1 to 2, and the Maori party and United Future both on 1.  Labour's support appears to have come at the expensive of NZ First and the Greens.  Paul Henry spoke to political commentators Chris Trotter and Nigel Roberts about the results.

Breakfast spoke to Garth McVicar from the Sensible Sentencing Trust ahead of his organisation's "victims before criminals" campaign launch later today.  The Sensible Sentencing Trust has asked various political parties a series of 10 questions about crime to help voters make up their mind as to which party has the best policy on crime before voting in this year's election.  The questions have been published on their website which is and the answers will be available there from tomorrow.

Matthew Pavletich is a memeber of the New Zealand Spaceflight Association.

Our regular Monday morning satirist James McOnie joins us to talk about his experience of being in the back of a police car being driven at more than 170 km/hr.  It's estimated the Prime Minister's motorcade was driven at speeds of up to 172km/hr.

On the Breakfast programme this morning Kay Gregory spoke to Garry Wilson - ACC's Chief Executive about NZ's injury toll.      

On the Breakfast Programme this morning technology commentator Paul Reynolds discussed the on-line lives of 60+ New Zealanders. To find out more about SeniorNet contact (0800 736 467) or

Celebrated self-taught chef Bill Granger has just opened his third restaurant in Sydney. He is here attending Sunday's 'Food Show' and has new cook book  - it's called 'simply bill' and simplicity and flavour are at the heart of Bill's approach to food.

This morning Cheryl Whitham from House of Travel, gave us an update as to how Phuket is recovering after the Tsunami.