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Friday September 3

An update on the unfolding hostage crisis - ABC Australia's correspondent Phil Williams spoke to Paul Henry from outside the school in Beslan.

Paul Henry spoke to an expert in Russian politics from Auckland University, Dr Jim Headley about the Russian hostage drama.

One News political editor Mark Sainsbury joins us from the Republican convention in New York where George Bush is due to address the conference later today.

Today Ali spoke to Morgan Spurlock, Director of feature film Super Size Me. For more information see

Guyon Espiner joins us with his take on how the political parties have been faring over the last couple of week while we've been off air during the Olympics. 

Xinran is the author of Sky Burial, the true story of a woman who spent over 30 years searching for her Chinese soldier / husband who went missing in Tibet. It is published by Random House and is available now.

The EEO Trust gave out a series of awards last night to those who stand out in achieving a work and life balance. Nisha Nati appeared on Breakfast this morning as the winner of the 'Walk the Talk' catagory.