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Friday October 8

Alison Mau spoke to Najibullah Lafraie a lecturer in political studies at Otago University and Afganistan's former Foreign Affairs Minister about this weekend's presidential elections in Afganistan.

Paul Henry discusses this weekend's upcoming Australian elections with ABC Correspondent Gillian Bradford.

Ali Mau spoke this morning with Academy Award Winning U.S. film producer Mark Johnson who's currently in New Zealand to produce The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Mark spoke about working in New Zealand, his most rect film The Notebook and what the job of a producer involves.

Social commentator Joe Bennett returned to Breakfast this morning to chat to Paul Henry about a conference of parking wardens and the Australian elections.

Documentary maker Colin Hogg spoke on Breakfast this morning about his programme ' History Man' it's a feature-length documentary that takes a journey through the life and work of New Zealand's most popular historian, Michael King, written and produced by Colin Hogg, directed by John Carlaw, for Greenstone Pictures.

In our weekly political catch up, Mark Sainsbury brings us up to speed with what's been happening in the Beehive this week including the Serious Fraud Office report on white collar crime and acknowledgement that our Vietnam veterans were exposed to Agent Orange.

Mau spoke this morning with Jonathan Smith a New Zealand HIV patient about to leave for England because the medication he requires is not available here. Jonathan spoke about his personal experience with the health system and the issue of drug funding in this country.

Breakfast reporter Erica Wood with a story from Christchurch about the Young Designer of the Year Awards.