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Friday June 17

Paul Henry spoke with economist Alex Sundakov and Peter Nielson from the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development about the government's announcment that they miscalculated the cost of implementing the Kyoto protocol on climate change by one billion dollars.

Kay Gregory spoke to Anita Bell, a medical officer of health in Waikato, about an outbreak of meningitis in the region. Two Huntly College students have been hospitalised with the disease and 16 other cases confirmed - double the number of cases this time last year.

Paul Henry spoke this morning to Erle Robinson, manager of The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mangere. The plant is a $450 million scheme that has rid Mangere of sewage ponds. The plant is open this weekend as part of Open House Auckland, a free event that gives people a chance to explore places of work and play around the city. For more information on Open House visit or phone 04 499 4444

Social commentator Joe Bennett discussed Michael Jackson's acquital and the celebrities who try to solve world poverty.

Paul Henry spoke with political reporter Guyon Espiner about the political issues of the week, including concerns about political appointees to diplomatic posts abroad, and the miscalculated cost of implementing the Kyoto protocol.

Kay Gregory spoke to Australian actor Jon English about his new show, Dad's Army, now set on stage at the Bruce Mason Centre. See

This Sunday sees the last dance-off in Dancing With the Stars. Paul Henry spoke to host Jason Gunn and judge Brendan Cole about the factors involved in deciding the final winner