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Breakfast feedback: Gangs in NZ

On Wednesday May 8 Paul Henry interviewd Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia about gans in NZ. It generated some heated debate. Here's a taste of what we received:

I was quite appauled at your interview with Turiana. Surely it is your role to get the opinion of the person being interviewed presented clearly. Not for your own opinion to take over. As for the content  of the interview , I agree with Tariana that  listening to any grioup and seeing things from their perpective is  more likely to get a positive outcome. No one is likely to help in the solution of a problem if their voice is predeterimed  to be invalid.- Maureen

Bring back complusory military training as soon as they leave school for at least a year.Might give these yobbos a sense of direction. - Roger

Once again Paul conducts another strategically damaging interview with a Maori party representative on an issue of national significance involving Maori, preferring to focus on the unfortunate comments of a politician and promote the negative right wing lock-em-all-up attitude.  This lack of understanding Mrs Turia is talking about is a prime example of the alienation that helps to force minorities into anti social groups like gangs.  In your narrow focus youve managed to once again grasp hold of the negative while providing no real answers of your own. Im sure your majority audience are right behind you!! - Phil

Just have to vent my DISGUST as to the gang situation in this country.What has happened in Wanganui is just a small incident in what is really underlying gangs and their motives in this country.I call any gang member "scum" or "gutter trash" and align them with drug dealers etc.You just have to assess them and they really are "WEAK" in character as you can't get any of them to fight by themselves.They talk as to whanau and the brothers but they can't stand alone. Anyone involved in gangs should be banned from the dole and any type of Government funding while a member.Also their pads should be dismantled and if they have been used in any way for crime confiscated.I mean not just in the present but in the recent past. - Tim

The word gang is just another word that replaces a Team. These gangs come together as a group to work as a team, being a part of a team that they believe in. I also agree with Tariana Tuia, Just because you are in a gang that dosen't make you  a criminal. There are heaps of individuals out there that to a good job murdering people in numbers (at universities), ramming inocent people with there vehicles. P junkies that go crazy and harm any one in there way. These people all work in there own little gang. The worst thing about these indivduals is they walk freely amoungst the public and you wouldn't know who they are. - IJP

Aren't all gang members criminals? as they have to commit a crime to get into a gang??? - Leonie

Paul, i've watched your interview with Tariana this morning. I could feel the tension from your were holding back. Was it through PC nonsense or was it cause she was the co-leader of the indigenus party. I'm sure if our Prime Minister Helen or the leader of the oppossition or any other non maori MP had made that sick comparison the media would have asked for their scalp. Why Tariana has spend 5 years getting to know some criminal elements on tax payers money?Please remind her that we are paying her salary. On that note i would like to mention my opposition to taxpayers funded election or party formation. I dont want my tax money to be wasted on a pary like hers. - Anthony

I would just like to share my opinion on the gangs.
Most of my family are gang members and they are the most gentlest people deep down.  I agree with Tariana Turia because most of them are seeking help, trying to start a better life for them and what not.  Now when someone messes with anyones family whether they be in a gang or not, they would most probably want to seek revenge. Just because these men are "patched" doesn't mean they are down right criminals. - Anon

Paul Henry sounds as intelligent as George Bush when he says "why should we understand gangs". Doesn't he know that understanding is the key to defining any problem. - Anjali

Hello team.Paul I must say I found your interview with Tariana somewhat bias and narrowminded. Normally you are fair. As long as we have a corrupt system and inequality in society then the gangs are never going to go away. The biggest gang in our country with the worst reputation and the most influence are the boys in blue. - Anon