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Yates Garden Guide: Using fertiliser

Published: 11:24AM Saturday September 15, 2012 Source: Breakfast

With spring growth in full swing, now's the time to be feeding your entire garden. Problem is, there are loads of options when it comes to fertilisers. So, where to start?

For a really quick, instant boost, use a granular fertiliser like Thrive Granular. If you have a lot of one type of plant, for example citrus or roses, you can choose a fertiliser specific to that plant group. Otherwise go for an All Purpose fertiliser that'll do the entire garden.

Time poor gardeners (like myself!) are better to opt for a controlled release fertiliser like Acticote that will continue to feed for the entire season. One application of Acticote a year in spring is generally is all that's required and these slow release fertilisers are the best option for containers as well - they won't burn plants in containers, whereas fast acting granular fertilisers may do.

Liquid feeding through the main growing season is also a good idea - especially for plants like tomatoes and roses that flower and fruit the entire summer. Liquid feeding maintains healthy vigorous growth and of course, the healthier your plants - the more able they are to fight back against pests and disease.

If you prefer organic fertilisers, go for Blood & Bone, sheep pellets or chicken poo pellets like Dynamic Lifter. Organic pelletised fertilisers are also excellent for improving soil structure and helping retain moisture, so they're really great for adding to clay or sandy soils - along with loads of compost.  

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