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Breakfast: Wednesday, October 23

Published: 10:29PM Tuesday October 22, 2013 Source: Breakfast

The inferno rages on - we'll have the latest from the frontline of NSW's destructive bushfires with Australia correspondent Steve Marshall.

Greenpeace releases a new scientific report modelling possible effects of a deep sea oil spill in NZ waters. Climate campaigner Steve Abel explains the results and then the oil and gas industry responds to the concerns.

Doctor Nicola Dalbeth tells Breakfast why South Auckland is being referred to as the "gout capital of the world."

The police explain why they want to do away with car window washers at intersections and the Daily Roast looks at Sir Bob Jones' column slamming women drivers as "clogging up our roads".

Showbiz correspondent Alicia Malone in LA looks at a fake funeral for a TV character and Lady Gaga's pre-emptive strike at her critics.

Plus the tile-cracking Gordon Harcourt updates up his progress on that Fair Go story and with the music award finalists announced, Breakfast speaks to Legacy Award recipient Shona Laing about her career and her opinions on today's stars.

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