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Breakfast: Wednesday November 9

Published: 6:25AM Wednesday November 09, 2011 Source: Breakfast

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Iran gets the bomb?

The UN nuclear watchdog will warn the world that Iran now had the means and materials to build an atomic weapon. Breakfast asks Dr Nigel Parsons, an expert on Middle East politics, how the news could further destabilise the region.

Deconsecration of ChristChurch Cathedral

Dean of Christchurch Cathedral, the Very Reverend Peter Beck, joins Breakfast to explain how and why the church is being deconsecrated, and what it means for the future of an icon.

Police Simulator

Breakfast talks with NZ police about their new virtual firearm training simulator, which media have just had a preview of.

Green politics

Breakfast speaks with Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

Guyon's politics

Breakfast gets the latest on the election from political editor Guyon Espiner.

Gadget guy

Breakfast checks out some of the "man" gadgets at this year's Big Boys Toys event with Inspector Gadget John Buckley.

Reporter round up

James, Lucas and Brooke.

Sea Shepherd

Breakfast talks to controversial Sea Shepherd founder and "Eco-Pirate" Paul Watson and Australia director Jeff Hansen about the new documentary on Watson's life as an environmental activist.

Health watch - Allergies

Breakfast talks to Dr Vincent St Aubyn Crump about why rates of allergies sufferers, especially children, have increased by epidemic proportions in the last twenty-five years and what can be done about it.

Gadget information:
Can-Am Spyder Roadster
The Can-Am Spyder Roadster is a three wheeled motorcycle with a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front for steering, similar in layout to a snowmobile.
The Spyder uses an ATV chassis and is available in manual or auto.
Manufactured by Canadian company BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), the Spyder is called a roadster but has the layout of what is most commonly called a Trike.
The Spyder also has front and rear brakes which are both activated by the same foot pedal, a true reverse gear, power steering and an optional electric shift transmission.
Product Website: <
Price: Models Shown, Spyder Roadster RT Ltd $46,911. Spyder Roadster RSS $26,099.
Available from: Dealer network nationwide. Contact New Zealand Manager - BRP Australia Pty Ltd for more information T +64 9 274 5718

Trakie Personal GPS Tracking System
Trakie GPS is an innovative and cost effective Web based GPS tracking system for real time tracking of Vehicles, Boats, Bikes and People you care about. There is no software to install on your computer or smart phone because Trakie GPS uses standard internet Browsers to access your information, anywhere, anytime- it's that simple.
Trakie uses advanced GPS technology to pinpoint locations using Google Maps. The user Web portal is accessible from any computer login or web- enabled cellular device, and provides real-time information on the location of your vehicle, and the speed and direction that it's travelling.
Available from: or 0800 FINDME (0800 346363).
Product Website:
Price: The recommended retail price is $399.00 but it will be available at the Big Boys Toys show for the special rate of $349.00

Masport Crossjet Ride-On Mowers
Masport's new range of ride on mowers that can handle almost anything that's thrown at them.
The Crossjet range of ride on mowers are perfect for demanding conditions such as neglected or un-mowed areas or on terrain where traction is an issue. The Crossjet can handle high grass, brush, blackberry, even gorse and thistle.
The Crossjet has a low centre of gravity with superior weight distribution that gives it better stability and traction than traditional ride on mowers. It features a barrier roll bar, front and rear bumpers, agricultural style tyres that will grip in almost any condition and an on demand differential lock that increases traction when the foot pedal is depressed.
Available in 4WD and 2WD models.
Recommended Retail Price: $16,995 4WD, $12,995 2WD.
Product website: <
All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability.


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