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Breakfast: Wednesday, May 9

Published: 6:10AM Wednesday May 09, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest on the Emily Longley trial

Europe correspondent Garth Bray has the latest on the Emily Longley trial.

Latest from the US

For the latest news out of the US Breakfast checks in with Jack Tame.

Rise in fair trade sales

Fair trade sales have increased significantly over the last year so what is behind it? Breakfast looks at whether New Zealanders are developing more of a social conscience or whether the sales are down to practical reasons.

Reaction from NZ Midwifery Council to coroner's report

A coroner's report into the death of Hamilton baby Adam Barlow makes a number of wide-ranging recommendations that have serious implications for all those involved in birth care. Sharron Cole, CEO of the NZ Midwifery Council, discusses the need for reform in birth care.

Australia's new budget

Australia's new budget shows the lucky country is planning on a billion-dollar surplus for 2012/13 - is this realistic or time to quote The Castle "tell him he's dreaming?"

Gambling bill reading

Te Ururoa Flavell's gambling bill that gives the public more power to reduce pokies in the community gets its first reading today. The Maori Party MP explains how the law change could affect the Government's negotiations with Sky City.

Reaction to coroner's report

Breakfast gets reaction to the coroner's report into baby Adam Barlow's death from Action to Improve Maternity founder Jenn Hooper.

Chronic Pain report

New Zealand's first health report on Chronic Pain is being launched today. Breakfast talks to a chronic pain sufferer about why it is significant and what impact they are hoping it will have.

Free contraception policy

It is a policy that is igniting debate from all corners. The Government wants to offer free contraception to beneficiaries and their daughters as part of its controversial welfare reforms. Breakfast speaks with political reporter Jessica Mutch.

How is the 90 day trial period clause working out?

Breakfast talks to Corcoran French lawyer Mark Henderson about how the 90 Day Trial Period Clause is working out, a year after it was introduced for all New Zealand businesses. It seems there is still confusion about how it can be used by the employer.

Sir Ian McKellen

He is downing his staff and pointy blue hat to raise funds for Christchurch's earthquake-damaged Isaac Theatre Royal. Sir Ian McKellen speaks with Breakfast about his new theatre show 'Ian McKellen on Stage - with Shakespeare, Tolkien and You'.

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