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Breakfast: Wednesday February 25

Published: 12:12AM Wednesday February 25, 2009

Business NZ
One third of businesses surveyed by Business New Zealand say they have more staff than they need and are planning redundancies or reductions in working hours. In light of these findings, Breakfast asked what recommendations Phil O'Reilly will take to the Job Summitt.

Women and the recession
Twice as many women lost their jobs in the 2008 December quarter, compared to their male counterparts. Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Judy McGregor joined Breakfast to discuss workforce disparities.

Phil Goff
Labour leader Phil Goff reacts to the party's plunging popularity and a poll whichfound half the country didn't know who he was. 

Fat man walking
Weighing nearly 140 kg, and with no job, Ben Clark decided to walk from Auckland to Bluff in a bid to lose weight. Breakfast caught up with him at his halfway mark in Wellington.

Gadget Guy Ben Gracewood reviewed some Hi-Definition camcorders so that you can get the most out of your home movies.

Breakfast spoke to Health Psychologist Leona Didsbury about why loneliness is bad for your health, and what you can do to avoid it.

Breakfast spoke to Paula Ryan about packing for a weekend away.

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