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Breakfast: Wednesday August 17

Published: 6:42AM Wednesday August 17, 2011

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Snow causing school closures
The polar blast is forcing the majority of Canterbury schools to remain closed. How are the closures impacting on kids' learning? Are online teaching options available in the meantime? Breakfast speaks with Denise Torrey from the Canterbury Primary Principals' Association.

Keeping roads clear of snow
The record-breaking cold snap has seen snow fall across vast swathes of the country. Breakfast asks the man in charge of keeping the roads clear just how challenging the last few days have been, and if a change in the weather is likely to bring any relief.

Disaster expert has advice for Kiwis
New Zealand has had no shortage of disasters lately; the extreme weather the latest event to isolate communities. Visiting American disaster expert explains the nature of disaster response, the importance of preparedness, and the lessons he can learn from NZ.

Weather Wrap
Breakfast checks in with reporters bracing against the freezing weather throughout the country.

Guyon's politics
National's approach to youth welfare has dominated the political landscape this week as the snow had attentions focused elsewhere. Political Editor Guyon Espiner looks at that debate, and the other issues that have flown under the radar.

Consumer report with Gordon Harcourt
Breakfast checks out McDonald's 30 second challenge with Fair Go's Gordon Harcourt.

Reporter Round Up

Alternative to laser eye surgery
An alternative to laser eye surgery is now available in New Zealand for some patients. Breakfast asks optometrist Jagrut Lallu what's involved, and how effective it is.

How to deal with anxiety
Breakfast talks to Health Psychologist Iris Fontanilla about how to deal with anxiety to help us get through day-to-day life.

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