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Breakfast: Wednesday, Aug 29

Published: 5:34AM Wednesday August 29, 2012 Source: Breakfast

The "Disability Dollar"
Breakfast talks to Minnie Baragwanath, Chief Executive of Be. Institute, about the "disability" or "accessible" dollar, and how businesses can open themselves up to the growing market.

Whooping cough epidemic
Breakfast speaks to Nikki Turner from Immunisation Advisory Centre about the current whopping cough epidemic that is sweeping the country.

Gay marriage debate: Wall vs McCoskrie
Labour MP Louisa Wall and Family First's Bob McCoskrie debate gay marriage, as the Marriage Equality bill heads to Parliament for its first reading.

The Beast's release
Breakfast goes live to One News Reporter Daniel Faitaua in Wanganui where the Beast of Blenheim is expected to be released from prison into a house on prison grounds.

Corin's Politics
Mighty River Power has opened its books ahead of Government plans to partially sell-off the state owned power company. Breakfast checks in with Political Editor Corin Dann.

Your rights when using moving companies
Breakfast has Fair Go's Alison Mau on the couch to tackle the latest issues that impact the Kiwi consumer.

Gadget Guy: LED lighting
Breakfast's Gadget Guy, John Buckley, looks at the latest LED lighting technology.

Roaming charges across the ditch
Mobile roaming charges for Kiwis travelling across the Tasman are becoming exceedingly high, Breakfast talks to online expert Sarah Putt about what is being done to combat the issue.