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Breakfast: Tuesday September 20

Published: 6:35AM Tuesday September 20, 2011 Source: Breakfast

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Toddlers Behind Bars
From this week, female prisoners can keep their babies with them for up to 24 months: more than twice the length of time previously allowed. Breakfast asks Corrections CEO Ray Smith and Plunket Clinical Advisor Alison Hussey about the impact on mothers, their children and the prison system.

Phil Goff weekly report
Labour's released its earthquake recovery policy, including a promise to reimburse red zone residents up to $50,000 worth of home improvements on top of current payouts. Breakfast speaks with Labour leader Phil Goff about the party's plan to get residents back on track.

RWC Roadshow in Nelson - Old Italian rivalries revisited
Gary Barkle, former Junior All Black, and Massimo Calandri, former Italian player renew their bond in Nelson.

Knitters in Nelson support RWC
A group of knitters is putting their knitting on trees. Organiser Annie MacKenzie tells Breakfast why.

Real NZ Festival - Food sensations in Auckland, Nelson, Otago
From the best New Zealand chefs can rustle up in their kitchens to the good old fashion Kiwi sausage sizzle. Breakfast checks in with Hadyn Jones for some of the foodie events ahead for the Real New Zealand Festival.

RWC roadshow heads to Nelson
Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio joins the Breakfast team to discuss the way his city has thrown itself into the RWC with a re-enactment of rugby's first ever game. Plus two players who will play in the re-enactment reveal the clothes they'll be wearing.

Reporter Round Up
With Brooke, Lucas, Max.

Work Matters - do volunteers have rights?
With the Rugby World Cup in full swing thousands of Kiwis are showing their support by volunteering at tournament and local events around the country. But do volunteers have rights just like employees? Breakfast speaks with Jessie Bloore from Fluence Leadership Development.

Real NZ - Insider's Guide to Nelson
Local photographer Craig Potton shares an insider's knowledge of the Nelson.

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