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Breakfast: Tuesday June 11

Published: 6:21AM Tuesday June 11, 2013

Sam Wallace is working out with two little people who are taking to the boxing ring on Thursday in a New Zealand first.

Nadine and Rawdon will go live to South Africa for the latest on Nelson Mandela's condition plus Jack Tame is in the US for the start of the Trayvon Martin trial.

ONE News Reporter Kim Vinnell joins Breakfast with details of Coro St actor William Roache's court appearance and the President of the Police Association speaks about revelations Adam Morehu was tasered before he was shot dead by police at the weekend.

Labour leader David Shearer talks about a privileges complaint that's been filed into Peter Dunne's involvement in the GCSB report leak and Computerworld editor Sarah Putt discusses if the private information of Kiwis could have been accessed in the US spy scandal.

Plus the short film called Shelved and the 'All-American Soap Box Derby' in Akron, Ohio.

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