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Breakfast: Tuesday, August 21

Published: 6:04AM Tuesday August 21, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest from Kabul

Breakfast goes live to Kabul where Ben Farmer has the latest on the reaction to the deaths of three Kiwi soldiers.

Rakon to up its sales

New Zealand-based technology company Rakon tells us why it has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Chinese telcommunications giant Huawei.

Disaster conference

Thomas Wilson from Canterbury University, which is hosting experts from around the world for a natural hazards management conference, talks about what this will entail.

Afghanistan mission

Breakfast speaks to former Major General of the NZ Army Lou Gardiner about what it means for the mission to lose five soldiers in just two weeks.

Labour Leader David Shearer

Labour leader David Shearer tell Breakfast what he thinks of the the way the government has handled the deaths of the soldiers, and asks if they need to come home.

Alcohol labelling

Bodo Lang, marketing senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, discusses whether alcohol branding should face the same scrutiny as plain cigarette packaging.

Latest from Australia

For the latest news from across the ditch Breakfast chats to Australia Correspondent Steve Marshall.

Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson

Breakfast looks at the expanding empire of shoe designer Kathryn Wilson - who has just opened up her first shop.

Parenting expert

Breakfast gets advice from The Parenting Place Chief Executive about how to talk to your teen about body image and self esteem.

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