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Breakfast: Tuesday, April 10

Published: 6:04AM Tuesday April 10, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest news from the US

Breakfast checks in with ONE News US Correspondent Jack Tame.

Should NZ contribute to Europe's bailout fund?

The Government is considering a request from the International Monetary Fund for another contribution to Europe's bailout fund. The Greens say "let's sort out our own economy first".

North Korea's long range missile test

Are we on the edge of a devastating war on the Korean Peninsula. Or is North Korea's long range missile test just more sabre rattling? Breakfast asks Victoria University's Tim Beal.

The future of major buildings in Christchurch

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker outlines the city's new Draft Annual Plan, including the future of some major buildings, and the challenging job ahead to rebuild what was damaged while keeping rates affordable.

Push to double paid parental leave

Labour MP Sue Maroney explains her private member's bill to nearly double the amount of paid parental leave, before Business NZ's Chief Executive Phil O'Reilly discusses the impact on employers.

Pedestrians being killed on our roads - time for road rule rethink?

The Easter Weekend road toll might be one of the lowest on record, but the increasing number of pedestrians being killed on our roads has prompted calls to rethink our road rules. Breakfast speaks to Andy Smith from Living Streets Aotearoa.

Is NZ a soft target for ATM fraud?

A lot of work is being done to stop credit card/ATM fraud in the Northern Hemisphere but we seem to be lagging. Breakfast asks security expert Bill Farmer from credit card security business Mako Networks if New Zealand is a soft target for scammers.

Latest news from the Pacific

For the latest news out of the Pacific Breakfast checks in with ONE News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver.

Wrap of the Easter weekend sport

For a wrap of the sports news from over the long Easter weekend Breakfast speaks to ONE News Sports Reporter Craig Stanaway.

Barkers marks anniversary

Barkers is marking 40 years to the day since Ray Barker opened his first menswear store on Auckland's High Street. Nadine Chalmers-Ross looks at the evolution of this classic Kiwi brand.